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Eschenbach Head and Attachment Magnifiers


The Eschenbach Labo-Clip Magnifier can simply be clipped onto spectacle frames to increase magnification for more detailed work for leisure and hobbies and at work.

This system allows both hands to be free for working. To achieve the optimum image quality this magnifier should be used in conjunction with distance glasses.

Their light weight structure allows for prolonged working times and there is no restriction of field of view.

They provide a comfortable working distance, even at higher magnifications and the lens elements can be easily replaced using quick snap closure.

The lenses can be both monocular and binocular depending on individual requirements.

As with other Eschenbach magnifiers the PXM lightweight lens is surface coated to prolong its life.

The lens clip element is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic and the metal frame has a matt black finish.

Special Features:
-Fits most eyeglass frames (Bridge: 25mm, Jaws open 15mm)
-Lens is set 2 inches from eye, allowing for a more comfortable working distance
-When not needed, the lens can be flipped up and out of the way
-Lenses are interchangeable for different magnification needs

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