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Meade ETX-90EC with Tripod and Autostar

For the casual or beginning observer the Meade ETX-90EC may be all the telescope ever required. Or, for the advanced astronomer who already owns a larger instrument, the ETX-90EC is the perfect ultraportable, diffraction-limited field telescope.

The ETX-90EC offers extraordinary optics at an affordable price. It combines a high-resolution optical design and diffraction-limited imaging with microprocessor-controlled, precise celestial-object tracking, all in a nicely styled, highly portable package.

Improvements to this model include a new fork mount with dual-axis drive system. The ETX-90EC also includes high torque DC motors on both telescope axes, permitting electronic operation from the hand-held controller.

This pushbutton electronic controller has four dual-axis drive speeds: slow, 8x for image centering at high power; medium, 32x for image centering at lower power or for pushbutton tracking in altazimuth mode; moderate, 0.75degrees per second for image centering in the viewfinder or forterrestrial tracking; and fast, 5 degrees per second for fast scanning across the sky.

The Meade ETX-90EC is specially designed to be portable and used in the field. It offers cordless operation, allowing you to use the telescope's dual-axis drive system for more than 40 hours on eight AA batteries.

At approximately 8 pounds and 15 inches in length, it packs a lot of power into a compact unit.

The ETX-90EC uses a 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design, and Meade actually warranties the optics of the ETX-90EC "to equal or exceed the optical performance and resolution of any Maksutov optics of similar aperture ever manufactured at any price."

The ETX-Series optics offer superb contrast, image brightness, and resolution. Meade claims the telescope consistently out performs many instruments of larger apertures.

Meade also uses EMC super multi-coatings on all optical surfaces to maximise light transmission through the corrector lens and reflectance from the primary and secondary mirrors.

The flip-mirror system allows for 90-degree observation of land and sky objects, straight-through observation using the optional #932 45-degree Erecting Prism, or photo-ready imaging using the optional #64T-Adapter and your own 35mm camera.

Overall, the Meade ETX-90EC is a fine piece of craftsmanship at a surprisingly affordable price. From shifting cloud belts on Saturn to the glowing filaments of the Orion Nebula, this instrument lets you observe the heavens in extraordinary detail.

Product Code: ME35140331
Tube Diamenter: 90mm
Focal Length/Focal Ratio: 1250mm, f/13.8 (with UHTC coating)
AutoStar® Controller: #497 Included
Batteries (user-supplied): 8 x AA


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