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Yukon NVMT G2+ Gen 2 Monocular

Ultra-compact, lightweight, easy to use and comfortable to hold, the new Yukon NVMT G2+ is unique for a budget night scope in offering a tactile, suregrip plastic bodyshell and, for extra protection/grip, partial rubber armouring.

Currently the top of the range model, the NVMT G2+ features a 'commercial' grade* Gen 2+ Image Intensifier Tube (IIT).

The NVMT has a built-in, powerful Infrared (IR) Illuminator for use in very low light/total darkness.

Power for the scope and IR is provided by 1 x 3V Lithium CR123A battery (not supplied). A green LED next to the viewfinder indicates when the Image Intensifier Tube is switched on while a red LED indicates when the IR Illuminator is switched on.

A tripod socket is built-in as standard.

The NVMT G2+ is a very compact and lightweight Gen 2+ night vision monocular. It offers 2x image magnification and a very comfortable, long eye relief eyepiece with a wide 30 field of view.

A belt mountable case is included with all NVMT models.

*The NVMT G2+ is fitted with a 'commercial' grade Gen 2+ Image Intensifier Tube (IIT). This is an IIT that has failed to achieve Mil Spec rating. Primarily this will be due to lower than Mil Spec sensitivity, but will also be due to more spots/blemishes, chickenwire or sheer distortion than would be acceptable in a Mil Spec tube. However, none of these will afffect the usability or lifespan of the IIT.

These factors are reflected in the price of the NVMT G2+ which should be less than half that of a Mil Spec design. The Gen 2+ IIT will have substantially better sensitivity than a Gen 1 or Gen 1+ IIT.

Product Code: YU24057
Magnification: 2x
Lens Diameter: 24mm
Field of View: 30
Max. Relative Viewing Range: 0.3 - 400m (based on a man-sized object in good moonlight)
Dimensions: 125 x 82 x 60mm
Weight: 400g
Battery: 1 x 3V Lithium CR123A (not supplied)


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