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Eschenbach Scribolux

Many people, not just the elderly, know this situation well. For many years they have been happily solving the crossword in their daily newspaper or favourite magazine with consummate skill. However, the enjoyment is impaired as it becomes increasingly difficult to see the fields and clues and to decipher the words. The puzzle-solving which used to be fun quickly becomes a tiring strain.

The Scribolux illuminated magnifier was designed as the solution to combat precisely this problem.

The integrated, energy-saving LED provides excellent illumination, and the 100 x 75 mm large lens magnifies small print in the crossword by 2.8x The magnifier has an open design on three sides and the lens is positioned at a spacious distance from the supporting surface; this makes it extremely easy to write under - and not just for crosswords.

-High level of image brightness and large visual field.
-Push-button switch for easy on/off operation.
-Practical automatic shut off after 30 minutes
-Distance lens - supporting surface: 7.5cm (apex of lens).
-In the case of all aspheric magnifiers and reading magnifiers from Eschenbach the focusing distance (from eye to image) is 400mm.

-A micro-fibre bag that protects the lens which can also be used for cleaning the lens
-4 AA batteries supplied


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